Youth Speak:

“Plz people the ice rink NEEDS to come back skating is my life plz tell ur friends cuz if they dont have enough money they cant come back so plz plz plz plz help the Siskiyou IceRink” -Tally Marshall (Facebook post December 23, 2011)

“It’s my whole life on that rink” -Ashley Cox (Facebook post January 14, 2012)

Testimonials about the Siskiyou Ice Rink:

“During the winter months, kids in our small town have few outdoor recreation and sports opportunities. The ice rink has provided an invaluable service to our children and community by offering an affordable, convenient venue for outdoor fun and fitness. It also provides a much-needed social gathering place for our kids/teens.”  -Melanie Findling

The Siskiyou Ice Rink is a magical place in the winter that has been a place for our family to exercise and enjoy the cold winter in our area. Many different groups of people enjoy skating at the rink and enjoying the warm bonfire and friendly staff. The rink provides enployment for local teens (three of our kids have worked there) and is a safe, fun place for groups to gather and exercise. I LOVE the Siskiyou Ice Rink!” -Katy Ostrowski

The Ice rink has been a great place to bring the preschool special education students. It has also been a great place for many teachers to bring their classes to for enhancing their physical fitness.” -Terese Jarding

The Siskiyou Ice Rink has opened up a winter sports opportunity that didn’t exist here when I was growing up. It is a great, inexpensive way to get kids away from the TV/video games and out into the fresh air.” -Ellen Dennis

The ice rink is an important part of this community for many reasons including recreation, tourism, and a potential year-around community facility. This community would be at a major loss if it were to close.” -Dottie Martin

Our local ice and roller rink resource allows for physical fitness proponents to utilize a facility that is family oriented. The physical activity it provides benefits both adults and youth.” -Bonnie Frisk Dombrowski

The rink provides exercise for youths as well as adults. Along with community involvement to help teach youths to skate and play hockey, both boys and girls. Skating is one of the most physical sports, which calls for using all the parts of the body.” -Terry Dombrowski

Having grown up ice skating in the midwest, I have enjoyed immensely the opportunity to use the Siskiyou Ice Rink since it’s inception. Closing the rink would be a great loss to not only the community but those from other areas, especially for those young people who have learned to skate there and to enjoy skating as a wholesome recreation opportunity.” -Mary Ellen Lathrop

Our rink is a gathering place for local kids young and not so young as well as a popular destination for winter tourist that contributes to our economy during difficult times. It is critical to keep it open and running. Please support it. Thanks.” -Craig Nielsen

The Siskiyou Ice Rink is a one-of-a-kind facility that brings lots of recreational opportunities for the local community. It provides a fun outlet for people of all ages and a fun, healthy activity for youth.” -Skye Kinkad

“Siskiyou Ice Rink has developed the most exciting skating programs for our rural community. Families, groups and individuals have a way to be physically active outdoors with family fun, ice skating shows, hockey, and development of young skaters to have recreational competition. The rink manager, ice skating coach, choreographer brings over 30 years of ice skating fun to our rural community. People come from all over the northern CA state to ice skate outdoors. Kids bring their parents and grandparents. Ice skating is one of the top energy burners in the sports world. Great for staying in shape and having healty fun.”  -Marge Wheeler

“In a small town like ours its important to make sure the kids have something to do OUTSIDE and the ice rink really fits that need.” -Dawn Fazende

“Even though the Siskiyou Ice Rink is 60 miles from my home in Etna, CA, I have found it to a wonderful place for skaters of all ages (I’m 71). This is the only rink in Siskiyou County which is the second largest land mass in the state. After a forty (40) year hiatus, I returned to the ice to compete at the National and International level. Because of this rink, I believe that I can say that I have inspired other grand-moms to join the sport and some even compete.” -Molly MacGowan

The Sisikiyou Ice Rink provides inexpensive access to skating for area youth and families. Ongoing partnerships with local elementary schools provide opportunities for youngsters to try ice skating for the first time. Active youth hockeyand figure skating programs provide opportunities for youth to master skills and learn teamwork. Open skate programs provide exercise and social activities for the entire community. The Siskiyou Ice Rink is a fabulous asset to this community.” -Paul Wertzberger

“The Siskiyou Ice Rink is a great way for the youth of Siskiyou County to get out and excercis during the winter months.” -Kale Riccomini

“The ice rink has been a major asset to this community since the day it opened. As a former teacher in the area I have seen struggling students transform themselves through exercise and the social interaction provided by the rink. The facility is well-run, in a beautiful setting, in an accessible location and well-used by an appreciative population.” -Carolyn Briody

“The Siskiyou Ice Rink is one of the finest recreation facilities in our area. It is enjoyed by youth groups and adults from cities and towns throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon. Schools, Fraternities and Individuals all utilize this great facility. The rink is also essential to our local youth hockey program which involves many teens from our area. I believe that plans are underway to host a few curling tournaments each year. All in all a very worthy recipient of well directred grant monies!” -Frederick Taylor

The Siskiyou Ice Rink is such a wonderful resource for our small community. It is enjoyed by members of the area from every age and would be sorely missed.” -Sara Tabor

“During the winter months, kids in our small town have few outdoor recreation and sports opportunities. The ice rink has provided an invaluable service to our children and community by offering an affordable, convenient venue for outdoor fun and fitness. It also provides a much-needed social gathering place for our kids/teens.” -Melanie Findling

Our Siskiyou Ice Rink has proven to be a resource providing a safe, enjoyable, pastime for our youth, and adults alike. I would think it should easily compete for grant money, which I understand is sorely needed.” -Norman Anderson

Our Ice Rink allows our community to have outdoor winter sports: hockey and ISI figure skating, and recreational skating within walking distance of our schools; right here in town. Some skaters have “flown up” to become seasonal employees at the rink. Our rink draws people from the Coast, Medford, Klamath Falls, and Redding; as well as other Siskiyou cities (Mc CLoud, Dunsmuir, Weed, Yreka, Etna, Fort Jones, Montague); an economic asset to our city. Our Friends of the Rink volunteer group have earned grants to support our county school classes busing to the rink for outdoor winter recreation. F*O*R* is dedicated to getting a roof for the rink to support all-weather skating.Mount Shasta is Heavenly. The Siskiyou Ice Rink makes it a Paradise!” -Gayin Linx

“Our rink is Mt. Shasta’s shining glory.” -Jennie Eoff

“The Siskiyou Ice Rink has provided great winter exercise for local kids. Mike Rodruiquez and his crew make sure that everyone has a chance to skate, regardless of income. Good, hardy, inexpensive exercise is tough to come by in Siskiyou County.” -Cael Weston

The Siskiyou Ice Rink is not just a local assest for the Mt. Shasta community, it’s a regional jewel. I’ve met skaters who come from Redding, north Siskiyou County, and Weaverville.” -Sandra Spelliscy

The ice rink is a wonderful place for multigenations to go. Any sport that provides safety and accesibilty to all is agreat sport to have in this small town. Please fund the ice rink” -Janet Rainville

The Rink is enjoyed by children and adults alike. A plus to Siskiyou County.” -Prudence Kennedy

“The Siskiyou Icerink provides a clean, safe, healthy place for children and families to exercise and socialize.” -Rodney Sharp

“Ice skating at the base of Mount Shasta is the very best kind of fitness… because it is so fun and beautiful, you don’t even know you’re exercising!” -Angelina Cook

“The Sisikiyou Ice Rink is a community run program that benefits the entire family by providing a safe environment where children can learn the joy of being active year round.” -Toni Rhodes

The Siskiyou Ice Rink has been a great facility to bring all kinds of people of all ages together for a good workout playing hockey and teaching good sportmanship and teamwork. Hockey and Ice skating is an enjoyable way to get fit and stay fit. The Siskiyou Ice Rink has really been a great asset to the community and will be even better when we can get a roof over it to keep it open longer and not waste so much energy fighting the sun and weather. Mt Shasta is an alpine community with the mountain climbing, skiing and the ice skating. It is also a great place for youth to gather in the winter. We need to keep the ice rink going.” -Chuck Schlumpberger

Siskiyou ice rink is an invaluable asset to the local community that fully deserves support.” -Jack Moore

“The Siskiyou Ice Rink has provided a great recreational facility for our community in the winter months that is inexpensive for all age groups. We desperately need funds to keep the rink open. To have the rink close for lack of funds will be a terrible loss to all.” -John Zanni

“We are so blessed to have a venue to host activites for all ages. There are many events that can only be held at a facility such as this one.” -Richard Taylor

The Sisikiyou Ice Rink provides a nearby, and inexpensive, winter sports and recreation facility for the folks of South Siskiyou County. Hockey programs, Learn-to-skate classes, and special events offer the local populace an outdoor activity center from November to February. It also offers a chance to skate to people from other counties in NoCal. As it is the only rink between Sacramento and the Oregon border. Its a wonderful facility that needs a helping hand for the next season or two.” -John Stackfleth

“My family has enjoyed ice skating at the Siskiyou Ice Rink for the past 10 seasons. The skating programs that the rink provides are enjoyed by children and adults alike as well as local schools community groups. Located close to Mount Shasta’s city center, the rink provides affordable and easily accessible recreation activities during the winter months. Our family values the recreation opportunities provided by the rink and we hope to enjoy the ice for many years to come.” -Steve Bachmann

“The Siskiyou Ice Rink provides a unique way for people of all ages to stay active and fit. Ice skating is so much fun and also good for you. Wintertime in Mt. Shasta wouldn’t be the same without it!” -Julie Ostrowski

The Mt Shasta Ice Rink is a fabulous facility for helping to keep Northern California residents active during the winter months. I have seen as many as 20 adults at a pick-up hockey game and well over two hundred people of all ages at a Saturday afternoon skating session. The Rink provides family friendly and affordable recrreation for residents and visitors. We have met people from Eureka, San Francisco and Sacramento who have enjoyed the outdoor skating experience. The youth hockey and figure skating programs have provided opportunities for kids to learn a team sport and develop life long fitness habits.” -Jim Ostrowski

“The Siskiyou Ice Rink is an important asset to our town as a fitness opportunity. We are snowed in all winter so many other sports are not available. At the rink there is hockey, figure skating and fun. Thanks!” -Barb Schmidt

“The Siskiyou Ice Rink provides the rare and unique opportunity to both youths and adults alike to stretch their abilities both mentally and physically. Figure skating, hockey, and speed skating are all intense forms of vigorous physical exercise–as any elite figure skater will tell you! The sport of figure skating teaches balance, coordination, control, strength, flexibility and endurance, and is certainly one of the most demanding and challenging sports in existence. In general, the winter months can be times that encourage sedentary pursuits, and even create boredom, depression and apathy–but not for outdoor skating enthusiasts! Anyone who has visited the Siskiyou Ice Rink during a busy day in December or January can attest to the joy, delight, and healthy exertion that skating brings to everyone brave enough to take to the ice. Those of us who have taught figure skating lessons to young children, or who have taken lessons ourselves, know firsthand the immense satisfaction and pride of achievement that each acquired skill brings to the student. We in the Siskiyou County community count the months until our beloved rink opens, and mourn the end of the too-short season every spring. If this rink were to close–as is constantly threatened by lack of sufficient funds–the whole community, as well as many visitors from all over California and beyond, would suffer an enormous loss. I can’t imagine what I, as a passionate adult skater, or any of the many children in our community who have become skating enthusiasts thanks to this ice rink, would do during the winter if we were to lose this precious community resource.” -AliCarmen Carico

The Siskiyou Ice Rink is one of the treasures of northern California. Public ice rinks of any sort are rare enough; but being an outdoor rink nestled at the base of breathtaking Mt. Shasta, the Siskiyou Ice Rink is truly priceless. It provides a rare opportunity for outdoor recreation and fitness activities that benefit both body and soul. And the value of the rink to Siskiyou County is not limited to Winter, for it is also an excellent venue for inline and roller skating during the warmer months. The rink struggles every year for sufficient funds to remain open. Please consider awarding a grant to this wonderful public asset.” -David Carico

I am in stealth support for the Siskiyou Ice Skating Rink located in Mount Shasta, Ca. I cannot express the importance it is to have a winter time activity venue for the residence here in Mount Shasta, especially for the youth. Ice skating and ice hokey are reputable sports and it provides a healthy outlet and physical exercise for a wide range of our residents. For such a small community, the people here are not afraid of hard work to keep a good thing going. Our little ice rink is a magnet for the young hearted and dreamers alike. Thank you for considering the Siskiyou Ice Skating Rink for a grant nomination through the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports.” -Yvonne Malee

Our son grew up playing ice hockey on Mount Shasta”s rink, never having ever roller-skated in his life. Schools send kids here for after school activities and special field trips. Out of town visitors put money back into our community when they come to skate. We have the most amazing views imaginable from our small-town ice skating rink. Please, come see for yourselves!!” -Jerri Nielsen