Rental Skate Fundraiser

Friends of the Rink is fundraising to purchase more rental skates to replace uncomfortable old skates that are worn out beyond repair. Donations for rental skates can be made by groups or individuals … or share the cost with a friend.
Cost per pair: $60/child’s skates; $80/adult skates. Click image below to make a tax-deductible donation through Paypal.
Goal: Raise $15,000 for the purchase of 230 pairs of quality, comfortable rental ice skates and other rental skate supplies, including equipment to help skaters with disabilities have fun at the rink. The new skates will replace old, worn out, uncomfortable skates that have been used for the past decade at the rink.

Aug 26, 2013: Eighteen pairs of new rental skates, sizes child through adult, have been purchased with funds raised during the 2012-1013 season:
  • Two special “Cheap Skate” family nights at the rink raised $500; combined with other donated funds, 8 pairs of adult rental skates have been purchased.
  • Mt. Shasta Five Star Kiwanis raised $600 for rental skates through their February 2013 “A Chocolate Affair” fundraiser, allowing for the purchase of 10 pairs of child’s ice skates.


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