Preseason Goals & Fundraiser

Hello! This is our second “online fundraisers” post, outlining Friends of the Rink’s primary goal of raising funds needed for preseason preparation, repairs and upgrades at the rink. (For info about our Rental Skates Fundraiser see the Aug. 27 post.) We are using GoFundMe to track our progress with the Preseason Fundraiser; the GoFundMe donation link is below. 

Goal #1 : Preseason prep and repairs. Raise $10,000 by Sept 30, 2013 for the following rink repairs and maintenance:
❄❄ Chiller Prep ($2,500; this is an annual maintenance fee).
The rink’s ice quality/temperature is controlled by a chilling system that contains two compressors. Annual servicing is required to keep the system operating optimally. The annual fee includes conducting a service check and servicing the entire unit, and replacing the compressor oil and the system’s oil filters.
❄❄Sound System ($1000; this is a maintenance project deferred from prior years.)
The rink’s four speakers need to be replaced, along with the outdoor wiring and amplifier/receiver. Projected cost includes labor for installation.
❄❄ Concrete Repair ($3000; this is a maintenance project that was deferred in prior years.)
There are issues with the concrete surface at the south end of the rink that affect the process of making ice and the quality of ice during operations. Resurfacing now (preseason) is essential to preventing the need for a bigger repair job later if this work continues to be delayed.
Dasher Boards Replacement ($2,500; this is a maintenance project that was deferred in prior years).
15 dasher boards at the rink (the boards encircling the rink) are beyond repair and need to be replaced. Once repaired, our goal is to replace boards on an as-needed basis as part of regular maintenance.
Computer system ($1k; this is for a new system to replace an outdated system).
The computer system used in the rink office needs to be replaced with new desktop PC system, essential for rink management.

Donations to the Siskiyou Ice Rink Preseason Repairs and Maintenance
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