How Can You Help? Please Take Our Survey!

Ice skaters from Butteville enjoy the Rink in 2011.

FOR participants have lots of energy, enthusiasm and ideas but we also recognize that there are challenges associated with operating an ice rink in a small mountain community in tough economic times.  We understand that the wants and desires of a few will not be enough bring the rink back. If you share our desire to reopen the ice rink and support our efforts to make the rink sustainable here’s how you can help. Before we move forward with our plans on reopening the rink FOR would like to hear your thoughts about the rink and if you would like to see it open again. One of the first things you can do to show your support is to complete our online rink interest survey by clicking on the ‘rink survey’ button located on the top right of our homepage. We will use your information to determine how much support there is for the ice rink from local and outlying communities. Your input will be very valuable to us as we forge ahead.

Be sure to visit our site periodically for updates on our progress and efforts to open the rink for 2012-13.  Thank You!

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